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  1. Maximize optionality. In the face of greater up-front income, side with greater / more opportunities.

  2. Avoid selling time (doesn't scale), prefer to sell goods with zero / low marginal cost (most likely digital). An exception could be made for offering a service when disproportionately compensated.

  3. Always weigh opportunity cost, realize your time is immensely valuable (the most valuable commodity you manage).

  4. Celebrate uncertainty as opportunity. Maintain a level head in the face of hysteria and seek opportunities.


  1. Diversify self-identity. Just as you would balance a financial portfolio, see yourself as more than just an "engineer" --- will be important when that aspect of your life is thrown into turmoil.

  2. Think of your current self's regrets and reflect, think of your future self's regrets and minimize.

Money / Investments

  1. Prefer investments that can be managed remotely / skew heavily towards the intangible (non-real estate).

  2. Avoid the mortgage ('mort' being death) trap.

Consumerism / Ownership

  1. Access > Ownership. Prefer access over ownership when possible, but when ownership is necessary, invest & cherish.

  2. Intentionally research every consumer purchase, imagine how it would fit into your lifestyle.